Beccy Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Delightful and charming Naomi Campbell strikes a video camera after walking out of an interview.

I get it. She didn't want to answer questions about acquiring a supposed blood diamond. Fair enough. It could be a fabricated news piece, based on nothing much. Although it's a weird thing to just be simply made up without any merit.

Wouldn't the classy, less violent way of dealing with it, be something along the lines of saying ... 'That is false. It didn't happen.', and just given a friggen explanation?

Naomi loves the tension. She loves to be a bitch. Treat the media mean and keep the media keen. I now dub thee 'Mean-omi'.


Here we find Kesha on SNL. Did she seriously get paid to perform this monstrosity? Who ever came up with that dazzler of an idea is obviously unemployed at this very instant.

With out further delay, I present to you ...

Kesha ... singing like a cat on heat ...

Beccy Saturday, April 17, 2010

The following article really proves the point - no one reads the terms and conditions when purchasing 'things' online .....

Did you sell your soul to gamestation?


Jane Lynch (of Glee and 40 Year Old Virgin fame) has done a great cover of Madonna's Vogue. She sounds and looks awesome!

Beccy Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scott Moore and his husband Thomas are a legally married transgender couple living in California.

Scott still has his reproductive organs, although he had his breasts removed.

Scott gave birth to their baby boy, Miles - in March.

For a couple to go through the expense and emotional roller-coster to conceive via the obvious root that they have taken - I feel pretty safe in making the statement, that this kid will be loved.

I'm all for equality. I say - power to them.

Anyhoodle, the moral to this post is ... what is going on with this picture? It just looks like a dude with a beer belly to me. What is going on with his pants? He is either built like the Michelin Man (which would be truly unfortunate), or there is some serious 'up skirt' wind, or similar, happening.

I wonder if the photographer was clearly against this idea and decided to take awful picture, in spite. Evil photographer. Shame.

Beccy Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too cool!

Looking for a new Sunday afternoon craft (do people still do crafts?) idea?

With this fantastic free generator you can create custom Google Maps envelopes, to dazzle your friends and family.

Punch in your location of choice and your message and you will be given a template which you can print and glue together.

Fancy! I say!


Meet Bert! The turtle who helped to teach thousands of American kiddies how to 'duck and cover' to dodge the atomic bomb in 1951.

Hey kids! Don't worry about fires or car accidents - the atomic bomb will give you a really bad sun burn. Really really bad.